✓ You may notice that immediately following your brow tint they may appear strikingly dark - this is normal! This is because your skin may also tinted during the application process.

✓ Please note: this will fade after 1-3 days after you have had time to wash your face + natural oils have worked out some of the tint from the skin behind your brows.

✓ If you are concerned about your brows appearing intensely dark and want to speed up the fading process - you may want to wash with an oil based cleanser, dish soap or lemon juice.

✓ Our brow tint is anticipated to last anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on your lifestyle. If you lead a very active lifestyle, get your brows wet with water often, use oil based cleansers, apply sunscreen, makeup remover or acne medication to your brow area daily you may see a shorter retention time.


✓ Do not apply Retin A, AHA.

✓ Do not exfoliate the brow area 72 hours before the service.

✓ Arrive to your appointment completely free of eye makeup.


✓ For 24 hours do not get eyebrows wet, use steam room or use makeup

✓ Do not sleep on face, to prevent any change to the lifted brow

✓ Avoid touching the brow area at the risk of transferring oils.

✓ Do not apply makeup to the brows for 24 hours.

✓ Do not apply Retin A, AHA.

✓ Do not exfoliate the brow area 72 hours after.

✓ No self tanner products should be used on the face for 48 hours.

✓ Comb the hairs into place each day.