Aesthetic + Co now offers makeup that is simplifying makeup routines around the globe! Seint is designed to use only one layer of makeup on your face! Each color comes in its own tin that you put in a magnetic compact so you buy only what you need, keep it all in one place and there's NO waste. We love that it's toxin FREE, and simplifies beauty routines and storage.

The makeup itself looks great with out a heavy look and feel. The majority of basic products (foundation, bronzer, illuminator) in the larger tins are $14-16, and can last for a few months! Each product is extremely pigmented, which means you will only need a little bit to get the coloring and coverage that you want!

Or scroll to get professionally (in person or virtually) color matched!

The Formula:

A unique and proprietary blend of waxes that delivers an extremely smooth and workable formula. Your lashes are left soft and supple with a deep black application that doesn’t clump or smudge.

The Brush:

Hourglass brush with spiral pin pattern gently grips each individual lash from root to tip, offering unparalleled dexterity and control.

The Synergy:

Our groundbreaking formula combined with our unique hourglass brush creates a mascara experience that is way more powerful than the sum of its parts. Finally, experience a truly buildable mascara that sculpts your lashes giving you the all-day fullness, length, and separation you crave.

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